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International Journal of Neurobiology (IJN)  is an International circulating peer-reviewed Open Access journal presenting original research contributions and scientific advances in the field of Neurology and Neuroscience International Journal of Neurobiology is dedicated to help individuals keep abreast of advances in knowledge in the field of neurobiology and neurosciences through the publication of comprehensive research and review articles by leading researchers and scholars across the globe. It will include the application of neurophysiological, biochemical, pharmacological, molecular biological, anatomical, and behavioral analyses neural and behavioral plasticity, including learning and memory and related aspects of neural adaptation to problems of molecular, cellular, developmental, and systems neuroscience, neural and behavioral plasticity, including learning and memory and related aspects of neural adaptation. Special attention will be given to those areas where availability of new techniques has led to a multi-disciplinary approach to the problems of the nervous system.

Aim and Scope

International Journal of Neurobiology aims to promote research communications and provide a forum for doctors, researchers, physicians and healthcare professionals to find most recent advances in all areas of Neurobiology and Neurological Sciences. The Journal IJN focuses on advances in understanding the human brain, neurological conditions, and diseases of the nervous system, its clinical evolution and management alternatives. Similarly, covering molecular brain research, behavioral disorders and neural manifestations, nerve cells ageing and the genetics associated with neurological and psychiatric conditions.

International Journal of Neurobiology includes major theoretical, research, and review papers; research reports; brief reports; rapid communications; and Short notes, mini reviews and commentaries etc. IJN welcomes researchers, scientists, students, clinicians and other healthcare professionals to publish their research and novel findings on the field of neuroscience and neurobiology.

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  •   Affective Neurology
  •   Behavioral Neurobiology
  •   Behavioral Neurology
  •   Behavioral Neuroscience
  •   Biomaterials for Neurology
  •   Brain Imaging
  •   Brain Neurology
  •   Clinical Neurology
  •   Clinical Neurosurgery
  •   CNS Neuroscience
  •   Cognitive Neurology
  •   Cognitive Neuroscience
  •   Comprehensive Neurology
  •   Computational Neuroscience
  •   Degenerative Neurology
  •   Developmental Neuroscience
  •   Focal Neurology
  •   Functional Neurology
  •   Human Brain Mapping
  •   Interventional Neurology
  •   Molecular Neurobiology
  •   Neural Computation
  •   Neural Injury and Repair
  •   Neural Stem Cells
  •   Neuro Cell Therapy
  •   Neuro Diagnostics
  •   Neuro Drug Delivery
  •   Neuro Nanotechnology
  •   Neuro Regeneration
  •   Neuro-bioengineering
  •   Neurobiology
  •   Neuro-biotechnology
  •   Neurochemistry
  •   Neuroendocrinology
  •   Neurogenetics
  •   Neurogenomics
  •   Neuroimmunology
  •   Neurological Disorder
  •   Neurological Surgery
  •   Neuron Protection
  •   Neuropathology
  •   Neuropharmacology
  •   Neurophysiology
  •   Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
  •   Neuroscience
  •   Neurosurgery Research
  •   Vascular Neurology