Cosmeceutical Products Derived Regenerative Medicine Contain Growth Factors: Science, Clinic and Market Review

Sisakht MM, Amirkhani MA, Mohammadhosseini M, Doustvaghe YK and Siahpoosh Z

Published on: 2022-02-05


The skincare products market is growing faster than any other part of the beauty industry. Research and development section of different companies tries to develop new material by using multidisciplinary approach in science.  Growth factors, peptides, proteins and conditioned medium is consider as one of the effective ingredients in improvement of new generation of cosmeceutical products.  Survey on different available products in this review showed the region distribution, type of cell source used as ingredient, pharmaceutical form of finish product, biggest market share, and clinical indication. In addition, mechanism of action and most important clinical trials in this field were reviewed. We believe this information along with updated categorized data containing human, plant, and bacterial produced growth factors would be helpful for the researcher to design the new studies, for the R&D sector to manufacture new products, for the medical section to understand the efficacy and for regulatory infrastructure to re-design the regulation based on new demand and new technology.