Immunomodulatory Activity of Imanol Tablets

Vador N, Vador B and Jagtap A

Published on: 2020-05-30


Various chemical agents have been used to modulate immune system. Ayurvedic medicines constitute a rich source of active substances. Various plants have been shown to modulate immune system either by stimulating specific or nonspecific immunity. Hence combination of various plants would therefore have diverse actions on various aspects of the immune system [1]. Earlier study shown that Immunol Tablet Simulated Phagocytic and Haemtopoietic activity. Hence current study was designed to investigate the immunomodulatory activity of an Ayurvedic formulation, Immunol Tablets. Effect of Immunol Tablet was evaluated on hematological profile in normal and myelosuppressed mice, humoral and cell mediated responses and prophylactic activity in E.coli induced peritonitis. Results were analyzed by students‘t’-test at p<0.05. It produces significant leucocytosis with predominant neutrophilia and prevented myelosuppressive activity of cyclophosphamide. Immunol at the dose of 750 mg/kg produced significant increase in antibody titre and potentiated DTH reaction against sheep erythrocytes. Immunol at the dose of 750 mg/kg showed 85.72 % protection against E.coli induced peritonitis. Immunol tablet enhanced B and T cell proliferation as well as protected mice from E. coli induced abdominal peritonitis.