A Comparative Study on the Sieve Size Effects on the X-Ray and Microscopy of Spent Foundry Sand-Admixed Concrete

Shuaibu SI and Elinwa AU

Published on: 2023-12-30


Morphological changes that occurred during the hydration of concrete containing spent foundry sand (SFS) and gum Arabic) admixture (GA) were observed using the X-ray analyses and the scanning electron microscopy. The XRD was used to identify the crystalline and mineral phases while, the scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used for the corresponding changes in microstructure. Sieve sizes of 120 µm and 212 µm apertures were used to compare their effects with and without SFS and GA admixture on concrete. SFS at 10 % by wt. % of the fine aggregate, and GA admixture dosage of 0.5 % by wt. % of cement were used. The water-to-cement ratio was 0.5.

The results showed the morphological changes, and the specific influences of SFS and GA, with the sieve sizes of 120 µm and 212 µm, respectively. The results showed additions of SFS with GA-admixture and the sieve sizes modified the pore network and the composition of the main hydration product.