A Study on Nano-Convergence Material Technology of Semi Conductive Flame Retardant Compound to Improve Impact Resistance and Electrical Properties

Hana JG, Kim NK and Jeon GB

Published on: 2022-01-16


In this study, a nano-convergence material technology that can satisfy the superior impact resistance and electrical properties of the semiconducting flame retardant compound used in the Oversheath layer of Extra-high voltage cables was studied. When some of the carbon black used in the semiconducting flame-retardant compound was replaced with CNT (carbon nano tube), the change in physical properties was analyzed. Through the application of carbon nanotubes with remarkably excellent electrical properties, even a small amount of changes in the conductive filler formulation can provide superior electrical properties. In addition, as the total amount of fillers is reduced based on the compound, the workability is improved, and in particular, flexibility and impact resistance are improved, which is expected to contribute to the improvement of the durability of the cable.