Ac Impedance Spectroscopy of Polyanilines Having Various Molecular and Nano Structures

Singh P and Singh RA

Published on: 2021-10-05


AC impedance spectroscopy of polyanilines having a variety of molecular, nanostructures and microstructures; synthesized under a variety of experimental conditions has been shown as a novel tool for the electrical characterization as a function of a range of frequencies similar to the other common spectroscopic techniques. A comparative study of different types of materials prepared using redox polymerization of aniline with a variety of oxidants and characterized by AC impedance, FT-IR and UV-Visible spectroscopy has been made to evolve the synthesis-structure-property correlations.  It has been shown that this technique is not only sensitive to various structural forms of polyanilines but also on different micro/nano- structures. Simultaneously it helps in assessing the electrical properties of the materials as well as separating contributions originating from various electrode processes such as grain/bulk, grain-boundary and contact/electrode. The advantages and limitations of the technique have been discussed.