Characterization of Maize (Zeamays) Husk Particles as a Potential Reinforcement for Polymer Composites

Omoyeni PO and Atuanya CU

Published on: 2021-03-08


Maize (Zeamays) is cereal crop that is grown around the world. Maize is of the domesticated variant of teosinte, of the order of poales and belongs to the poaceae family. It can be used as a source of maize ethanol and biogas fuel. Its use as reinforcement in polymer composites production requires the understanding of their chemical composition, microstructure and thermal behaviour. In this work an attempt was made to investigate maize husk particles through scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffractometer, the chemical composition was carried out with Crampton and Maynard method and their functional groups through Buck Infrared spectrometry. The composites were obtained by compounding and hydraulically pressing maize husk particles (MHp) with recycled low density polyethylene (RLDPE) into Maize husk/recycled low density polyethylene composite (MHRLDPEC), the thermal behavior of the composite was investigated through thermogravimetric analysis, and the morphology of the composite was also studied. The various results obtained are comparable to those of other common fibres and confirm that maize husk particles show some potential as reinforcement in polymer matrix composites.