Clinical Management and Awareness of Covid-19 ‘SARS-Cov-2’ Among Faculty Members, Department of Eastern Medicine and Peoples of Faisalabad

Masood MM, Ain NU, Saleem M, Akram M, Rangasamy S, Hokororo JC and Hamouda IM

Published on: 2022-11-22


COVID 19 a plague that has been spread worldwide in a brief time period. It  is a sickness caused by contamination with the newly localized coronavirus "SARScoV2". Health specialists appreciate and tried for offerings that are near most people, irrespective of the chance of contamination. Consequently, in such situations, it ought to be essential to evaluate the statistics and views of medical specialists and numerous human beings  particularly this pandemic and speak the effect of this catastrophe on psychosocial balance. The usual educational interventions and schooling packages for COVID 19 pollutants manipulation and  practices in all healthcare specialists are lacking, place of work fitness and safety are paramount to reducing the chance of transmission to students, healthcare experts and healthcare experts.