Intelligence of Human Cells Can Tell Us What Happens To the Body of a Human

Azeem NZA

Published on: 2021-09-08


The Human is the most important creature in this great universe, it have great organs of the body and the cells. It's threatened the existence of diseases that afflict him, and we know for sure that this great body has ability to resist most diseases. It is known that some diseases triumph over this great body and an example of this is cancer. Many cases their lives end because of the disease for reasons due to late diagnosis. My study is a simple report and a call to all researchers to turn to the important thing that is the intelligence of human body cells. I believe that cells can tell us of any damage that tries to harm our bodies. So we need to listen and translate what are cells need to understand much of what happens to the body, and also very early detection of most cancers that occur to the body.