Modeling Variation Influence of Specific Gravity and Water Cement Ratio on Compressive and Concrete Density of Concrete Partially Replace Cement with Fly Ash

Eluozo SN and Dimkpa K

Published on: 2021-11-15


This paper monitors the behavior of compressive strength and its densities influenced by specific gravity and water cement ratios, the study monitor the effect of specific gravity  on concrete as it has significant property of fluid,  which  is related to density and viscosity, this expressed the behavior of specific gravity as it allow the determination of fluid characteristic, the influence of specific gravity and that of porosity of aggregates affect the viscosity based on that  fact that the specific gravity always allow determination of fluids characteristics, these were monitor and an observation expressed high percentage of significant effect on   the  model concrete, design target strength of concrete were monitored  based on it partial replacement for cement using fly ash, it was observed that the dosage  of fly ash reflects the target strength,  density and it compressive strength expressed reflection on its developed strength based on the mixed design from water cement ratios variation, it also express its reflection on the strength development including concrete densities because  the study observed  reflection  increase on the water-cement ratio, which  affect the workability and strength of concrete, the heterogeneity in water cement ratios expressed the variation of concrete densities and compressive strength, this were observed from the simulation as it express the reflection of the influences from the simulation, numerical and analytical simulation generated  predictive values that were compared with experimental values for compressive strength and densities, validation of the model developed best fits correlation, the study is imperative because the pressure from  these two parameters from concrete characteristics has been monitored, there detailed significant effect  has been observed, this implies that experts will definitely determine the behavior of this parameters on the monitoring and evaluation of compressive strength and concrete densities  in any designed model concrete.