Potential Cost Effective Feedstocks for the Production of Carbon Nanomaterials at Larger Scales and Scope of Further Research

Sharma DK

Published on: 2023-12-26


Newer and interesting applications of carbon nanomaterial’s (CNMs) is pushing their demand in the market. The need for developing CNMs having good quality at industrial scales is increasing. There is also a need of using cost competitive raw materials for their manufacture in industries. Presently the production of CNMs using low cost feedstock’s such as coal, lignin, biomass, waste plastics, organic wastes etc. has been reviewed the use of CO2 and biogas for the production of CNMs has been discussed. Dry reforming of CH4 can yield H2 as well as CNMs, however, some suitable catalysts may have to be designed with the establishment of favorable reaction conditions. Gasification of coal and biomass can also be practiced to produce H2 and CNTs. Further research work is required in the area of process engineering to develop scaled up processes for the production of CNMs of good quality in larger yields by using the environmentally and economically sustainable processes.