Real Time Electronic Navigation Aid & Tracking System for Visual Impaired Persons

Yekini NA, Olukumoro SO Olukumoro SO, Okikiola FM and Ishola PE

Published on: 2022-06-06


Sightless or visual impaired person face with several difficult in life, one of the problem is limitation in mobility or basically navigation around places due to inability to detect the obstacles in front of them which can result to accident and possible loss of movement pathway. This work is focus on design of electronic navigation aid and tracking system to assist sightless person to overcome problems associated with limitation in mobility and to easily tracking their location by their family or friend when lost due movement pathway mismatched.  We designed and implement a solution by coming out with real-time walk stick with embedded tracking system.  The proposed system was implemented using multiple sensors to detect obstacles and avoidance of puddles, a buzzer that alert the sightless person when obstacle is detected, Arduino micro-controller PIC16F690 was used to receive inputs from the multiple sensors and other electronic device and other actuators, SIM modules. A metal ready-made walking stick was used as the stick where all the electronic devices and power supply were fixed and emergency was then hard coded into SIM for alerting family of sightless person when lost track or in danger via registered SIM card embedded in the system. Arduino C program was used to implement the code. The output was tested and confirmed to have achieved the purpose of the research work.