Recent Advances in Tailoring Nano-Architecture of Zno Nanomaterial’s Using Different Fabrication Routes

Akbar S, Anwar A, Umm-i-Kalsoom UI and Bashir S

Published on: 2023-06-02


Unique properties and the ease of fabrication of ZnO nanomaterial make this material an extremely interesting candidate for applications in field emission devices, piezoelectric nano power generators, biosensors, photovoltaic cells, and heterojunction diodes. Due to its unique properties such as good thermal and chemical stability, easy modification of electrical conductivity and high excitation binding energy, ZnO nanomaterials have been considered as potential applicant in opto-electronic devices. By controlling nano architecture of ZnO materials, thermal and electrical properties of these materials can be altered. Applications of this material has risen dramatically in recent years, which has promoted scientists and researchers to develop novel synthetic approaches and to modify existing fabrication routes to synthesize ZnO nanomaterials of unique morphology and nanoarchitecture. This review article provides details about the synthetic procedures adopted to synthesize ZnO nanomaterials of specific morphology. This study also elaborates the morphological features and physiochemical properties of these materials affected by manufacturing process.