Revolutionizing Air Quality Monitoring: Low-Cost Air Pollution Sensors and Nanotechnology

Abulude FO, Oyetunde GJ and Feyisetan AO

Published on: 2024-02-16


Air pollution is a pressing global issue, necessitating the development of low-cost air pollution sensors with enhanced performance and accessibility. This mini-review presents a novel approach utilizing nanotechnology to address these challenges and focuses on the revolutionizing potential of low-cost air pollution sensors through the integration of nanotechnology. The aim of this paper is to enhance the sensitivity, selectivity, and real-time monitoring capabilities of these sensors, making them more affordable and accessible. The method involves incorporating nanomaterials and miniaturized components into the sensor design. The results demonstrate that this innovative approach significantly improves the overall performance of the sensors. The sensitivity and selectivity of the sensors are enhanced, enabling accurate and real-time monitoring of air pollution levels. This breakthrough in technology addresses the growing concern of air pollution and its detrimental effects on human health and the environment. In conclusion, the use of nanotechnology in air pollution sensing has the potential to revolutionize air quality monitoring by providing low-cost and efficient solutions for widespread deployment.