Ship Causalities- Reasons and Statistical Analyze

Danny Y and Xavier K

Published on: 2022-10-27


The paper deals with most recently damages caused ship accidents and their number in the World Ocean. A lot of them are a result of bad technical condition or human mistake. The first reason is due to ship age, non- qualitative maintenance and non- qualitative repair of ship hull thought its life cycle, while the second reason is mainly of labour safety neglect. Analyzed period covers 27 years, from 1994 up to 2021. The analyze is done for two ships group- merchant and special ships. The paper described damages on ship hull and its structural members caused ship accidents and environmental pollution in relation with age of ships. The number and degree of marine causalities are analyzed. Moreover, statistical analysis presents the often causalities and areas in the World Ocean by ship and damage types. Finally, probabilistic density distributions of damages were shown by Fisher distribution curve. The damages on Fisher distribution curve are presented independent one another.