Synthesis of Especial Al-Si Spare Parts Using Locally Produced Metallurgical Grade Silicon (MG-Si)

Ali HH, Moussa ME and El-Barawy KA

Published on: 2023-12-31


Aluminum alloys dominate the world of light metals, especially in the automobile and aerospace industries. Aluminum-Silicon (Al-Si) alloys are preferred for the casting process due to the presence of silicon, which makes them highly castable. In the current study, locally manufactured metallurgical silicon (MG-Silicon) is added to an aluminum melt to produce an alloy based on aluminum that contains 7% silicon by weight (A356). The produced alloy is then used to manufacture a specific aluminum-silicon spare part known as a "star" that is used for the diesel engine's cooling fan, using casting techniques. The physicochemical and morphological properties of the produced alloy will be examined using XRD, spectrophotometer, and optical microscope. Microstructure analysis revealed the existence of primary silicon and aluminum (α-Al) particles surrounded by eutectic silicon and Mg2Si particles. The manufactured spare part "star" is mechanically tested and found to have a Brinell hardness of approximately 75 HB.