Environmental Friendly Method for Novel Estimation of Chlordiazepoxide in Pharmaceutical Preparations and Environmental Wastewater Samples: Application to Content Uniformity Testing

Ahmed NR and Al-Etewi MJE

Published on: 2023-10-18


A simple, accurate, precise, rapid, economical and sensitive ultra violet method has been developed for the estimation of chlordiazepoxide in pharmaceutical preparations and environmental wastewater samples, which shows maximum absorbance at 245 nm in 0.1M hydrochloric acid. Beer's law was obeyed in the range of 0.5-10mg/ ml, with molar absorptivity of 3.282X104 L.mol-1.cm-1, relative standard deviation of the method was less than 1. 5%, and accuracy (average recovery %) was 100 ± 1.0  .The method was successfully applied to the estimation of chlordiazepoxide in pharmaceutical formulations ,content uniformity testing and  industrial wastewater samples The proposed method was  validated by sensitivity and precision which proves suitability for the routine analysis of chlordiazepoxide  in true pharmaceutical formulations samples and environmental wastewater samples : Application to content uniformity testing.