A Rare Case of Gastrocolic Fistula Secondary to Marginal Ulcer Following Mini Gastric Bypass

Dar R, Zeina AR AR and Sakran N

Published on: 2021-04-22


Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a simple, safe, feasible, and efficient weight loss reducing surgery, and rapidly gaining popularity, and is now the third most common bariatric surgery performed worldwide. Complications following MGB are common. Some of these complications may be life-threatening and require prompt diagnosis, intervention, and revisional surgery. Of these, marginal ulcers (MU) are a major cause of morbidity following MGB. Patients need surgical intervention after MU diagnosis for complications such as bleeding, perforation, stricture, and gastric fistulas. Gastro-colic fistula (GCF) is a rare clinical disorder that most often occurred after gastric surgery or a locally advanced tumor. However, during the last decade, an increasing number of GCFs were described as a complication of benign gastric ulcers. This case explains the rare and challenging scenario of gastro-colic fistula after laparoscopic MGB.