Periodontal and Periapical Abscess - Rare Case

Tsvetanov TS

Published on: 2019-05-15


Simultaneously buccal and palatal edema rarely could be observed. The abscess derives from periodontal space associate with pockets lead to advanced bone loss and can cause edema of the buccal area. Most commonly maxillary lateral incisors are with palatal inclination, in conjunction with palatal roots of upper distal teeth, such as premolars and molars cause abscess in palatal site. The present report describes a case of a patient with buccal and palatal edema. The maxillary lateral incisor and upper first premolar from the right side have been removed by closed extraction technique. One incision over the buccal mucosa and two palatal incisions were done. In science articles there are single cases of simultaneously buccal and palatal edema. The postoperative period was without complications.