Autopsy Based Research of Key Considerations of Electrocution Deaths

Shibanand Nepal Karmakar

Published on: 2022-12-01


Background: The effects of electricity depend on the voltage and the resistance offered by the body. Electrical injuries consist of fatal electrocution, electric shock and burns.[1] The tissue damage associated with an electric injury occurs when an electric energy is converted to thermal energy or heat.[2][3] The commercial use of electricity as a source of power began in 1849 but accidental death from this origin was not reported until 1879.[2][4].

Conclusion: Majority of the cases were males in the age group 20-49 years. Most of the cases were married. All the cases were of accidental manner. Most of the cases were of urban area and most cases died instantaneously on the spot of accident or were brought dead at casualty of hospital.