Confirming Forensic Bio-Medicine ‘Pm-Poshan’ Prevent Criminal Activity Improving Pathology-Mental-Health-Hygiene Science-Technology-Communication Biodiversity-Wildlife-Conservation-Socioeconomic-Ecology

Datta SC

Published on: 2023-01-07


China’s COVID wave could kill more than one million people. The highly divergent B.1.1.529 (omicron) variant (BA.2.75.2, BQ.1.1, and XBB) of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) that emerged led to concerns about the efficacy of vaccines. In the "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav," the "Biomedicines-Midday-Meal-Ecology (BMDME)"-"PM POSHAN" in school—is badly affected by lockdowns hampering human civilization: global education, research, health, and well-being; biodiversity conservation; ecological balance; food-producing systems; climate regulation; enrolment; classroom hunger and malnutrition; socialization; attendance; and retention rates; and women's employment playing a vital role in the education of underprivileged children. Conventional vaccines, on the other hand, have recently had high production costs and complex purification processes, and have not always had biosafety issues, resulting in time-consuming and expensive biosafety tests in commercial production and weakening vaccines' ability to prevent pathogens causing diseases. To overcome it, the main objective is to see or confirm the impac/t of or study of "Bio-Medicines-Midday-Meal-Ecology (BMDME)" among schoolchildren for "understanding the eco-system for nutrition, school health, nutritious food science and technology, and well-being." And the weed amaranth, vegetables; okra, and cowpea, fruits; cucumber, and spices; ginger, turmeric, and garlic, are selected biomedicines for preventive treatment measures as "BMDME," following the "Mid-Day Meal Scheme or Menu," with positive effects on growth, obesity, malnutrition, colds, cold and flu, and eye diseases; coronavirus 2/3/infections or re-infections with different diseases; sedentary- Science-Technology-Communication Biodiversity-Wildlife-Conservation-Socioeconomic-Ecology". So, the "PM POSHAN," the "BMDME," and the biodiversity of "Wildlife (Owl, wild cats, mongoose, and bats) Conservation" are bringing together experts in infectious disease diagnostics, surveillance, vaccine development, and therapeutics that will enable a swifter and more focused response to the next global pandemic and future immunotherapy design in type-2 diabetes and other inflammatory conditions also.