Evaluation of Employed Methods of Committing Suicide and Its Important Aspects at a Tertiary Health Centre in Central Indian Population

Shibanand Nepal Karmakar

Published on: 2022-11-19


Background: Suicide is an important manner of deaths worldwide. The various employed methods of committing suicide vary from region to region worldwide. A person committing suicide tries to employ the easily available method for committing it. Suicidal deaths cause psychological and economical agony to the surviving family members. There is a need to study the various important aspects of suicidal cases. The present study highlights the commonly employed methods of committing suicide and important aspects of suicide at a tertiary health centre in central Indian population.

Conclusion: Majority of the cases were males. Majority of the cases were in the age group 10-39 years. Poisoning and Hanging were the two most important methods employed for committing suicide.