Climatic Variability and Trend over Indonesia Maritime Area for the Period 1960 – 2018

Winarso PA

Published on: 2019-12-28


This paper would like to study climate variability over Indonesia Maritime Continent using investigation seasonal onset and impact to the environment, that they occurred during the period 1961 – 2018. The study used the analytic and the descriptive method using the long period of rainfall data. Processing rainfall data into tabulation of the character of the total rainfall from a consecutive season in Indonesia (wet and dry season)would give the result in the term a variability the total rainfall at a consecutive season. Some of the global aspect causing the climate condition would be studied for additional information as the trigger for the climate variability in the regional scale of Indonesia Maritime area. Additional from weather condition at a certain period as part the climate variability would give weather and climate variability condition and their impact on the environment. Where global phenomena of the El Nino and La Nina episodes would be used in this study as the main consideration. The result told that there was variability from the Sun activities to cause the variability of the El Nino/La Nina episodes such that they might encourage variability seasonal onset and their impact on the environment. Then the climate trend would be derived from the variability of the global scale up to local scale aspect especially character of the rainfall in Indonesia Maritime Continent area.