Emotional Bank System and Intelligence: EmoIntelligence equation

Hafedh Abdelmelek, Amel Hanini and Souilem Ouajdi

Published on: 2019-02-28


Our theories support that logic and intelligence is related to Emotional Bank System Algorithms in Animals and Human. The present methodology and analysis expose the analogy between the Human or Animal Financial Banking System and Emotion-Banking Algorithm. We propose by studying systems and algorithms an equation called EmoIntelligence equation I=T*Eα*ε (I: Intelligence or Innovation, T: Time, E: Emotion, α: Factor and ε: coefficient). The present equation introduces an innovative concept life is emotion:

  • Door 1 between the heart and limbic system implicated in emotion modulation: E varies with Door position.
  • Door 2 between limbic system and cortex implicated in logic and innovation: I is related to superconductor-like behavior in neurons.