New Psychological Weapons Make Targets Hallucinate

Robert Skopec

Published on: 2019-02-28


The Russian Navy has outfitted two warships with a weapon that it says makes enemies hallucinate and become disoriented. That’s according to a fearsome description of the weapon in RIA Novosti, a state-run media outlet in Russia and it could be a terrifying peek at the future of warfare. Russia-owned Ruselectronics developed the weapon, called the Filin. It works, according to the company, by firing off “low-frequency oscillations” of powerful light that disorient foes and disrupt night vision devices and rangefinders. Volunteers who fired at targets while being blasted by the Russian weapon said they felt dizzy and nauseous, and 20 percent reported “hallucinogenic” effects. One complained that a “spot of light floats before my eyes”according to RIA Novosti. The hill even reported that the filin could make adversaries vomit.