Psychological Management Set against Pharmacotherapy: A Scholastic Challenge in Contemporary Psychiatric Training

Shafti SS

Published on: 2019-12-24


Despite the fact that the swing of the pendulum toward biological psychiatry has led, in general, to a downgrading of psychotherapy within the realm of psychiatry, in current years a fresh debate regarding practice of psychotherapy by psychiatric residents and psychiatrists has gained a new place in the realm of academic training. Such kind of encouragement, for using psychotherapy on behalf of patients who are suffering from psychiatric complications, has instigated essential modification in the contemporary educational programs in different countries, including developing civilizations. In the present paper the exact condition and outlook of such an amendment has been discussed to understand that whether simple addition of a national curriculum can answer back, applicably, to increasing necessities of mental health in developing cultures, and how the honest exercise of psychological managements by psychiatrists can be improved.