Viruses in Beef, Mutton, Chevon, Venison, Fish and Poultry Meat Products

Shaltout FA

Published on: 2023-12-06


Beef means meat of cattle, mutton means meat of sheep, chevon means meat of the flesh of the goat used as food, venison means meat of dear, fish means meat of fish and shellfish, poultry means chicken, duck, geese, turkey, pigeon, and rabbit.

Beef, mutton, chevon, venison, fish and poultry meat act as a main sources of animal protein, in recent decades, viruses have been increasingly known as important causes of foodborne diseases mostly due to the improved methods of diagnosis and investigation. Virus transmission through consumption of infected beef, mutton, chevon, venison, fish, and poultry meat products or contact with contaminated beef, mutton, chevon, venison, fish, and poultry meat products and water is now well known. The viruses most frequently involved in foodborne infections are public noroviruses, hepatitis A virus, human rotavirus, and hepatitis E virus.

Beef, mutton, chevon, venison, fish, and poultry meat act as major sources of animal protein. NoV and RV infections are common causes of acute human gastroenteritis, while hepatitis A virus and hepatitis E virus cause human hepatitis worldwide. Most of the cases remain unreported due to subclinical cases.