Compensation of Mobile Phone Radiation by the Medic Amber: In Vitro Investigations Using a Novel Test System

Dartsch PC

Published on: 2020-12-25



Mobile phones are high-performance devices that consume a lot of energy and, thus, also generate heat in form of microwaves. This heat is mainly created by the high-frequency electromagnetic fields that transmit voice or data in mobile communications. Moreover, mobile phones also possess non-thermal radiation which has been shown to induce oxidative stress and cell damage. A novel test system was used which allows to evaluate the influence of the radiation of a commercially available current mobile phone on cellular processes such as cell regeneration/wound healing of connective tissue fibroblasts, and the formation of superoxide anion radical of functional neutrophils in the course of an oxidative burst . Moreover, also the question was studied whether a newly constructed device named Medic Amber might be able to reduce the cellular effects of mobile phone radiation.

Principal Findings

The use of the Medic Amber with an active mobile phone including WLAN resulted in: (1) A significant improvement of cell migration and proliferation in comparison to the exposed and unprotected cell cultures. Thus, an increased closure of the cell-free space was examined. (2) A significant improvement in both basal cell metabolism of functional neutrophils and generation of ROS when compared to the experimental situation without any protection.


As shown here, cell regeneration/wound healing of connective tissue fibroblasts and the activity of functional neutrophils as the first defense of the innate immune system against invading microbial pathogens, is significantly decreased by mobile phone radiation. The use of the Medic Amber was able to attenuate these unwanted effects. Based on the results of both tests, the use of the Medic Amber can be recommended to reduce the effects of mobile phone radiation.