Detection of Electrophysical Relationships in the Use of Biologically Effective Electro-Stress Reduction Devices by Cell Culture Observations

König FM and Dartsch PC

Published on: 2020-12-13


Mobile phone data transmission technologies like 4G, UMTS and GSM are fully established now. Furthermore, mobile phones have been considered to emit only a low intensity and minimal health damaging radiation when they are actively working more or less placed near to the human head. However, the safety aspects are not clearly immersive evaluated. To address this topic, we have already investigated again in human cellular effects related to a used smartphone field source and additionally used electro-stress relief systems (ERS). This ERS were placed around cell shells or were connected directly to the mobile phone headphone plug-in.

Connective tissue fibroblasts (cell line L-929) were exposed to the radiation of an actively transmitting commercially available mobile phone with 1.25 W/m2 at the level of the cells with and without the ERS. This was done and observed (due to cell vitality values) in four different experimental setups. Unexposed cells in a similar incubator served as corresponding controls. The resulting cell vitality was checked by measurement of the enzymatic activity of mitochondrial dehydrogenases by the color change of the sodium salt 2,3-bis[2-methoxy-4-nitro-5-sulfo-pheny]-2H-tetrazolium-5-carboxyanilide (XTT).

The investigation results clearly demonstrate that mobile phone radiations caused a significantly (bio-cellular or bio system or probably health conditions relevant) increase effect on the cell vitality by an additional use of ERS. This was accompanied by marked morphological changes in the cells such as intracellular vacuolization, rounding and detachment. Moreover, the increased of cell vitality was much more given if the ERS coil windings were near place to the cell culture holes (hint: effect hotspot) and if the wires of the ERS were directly connected to the mobile phone (see maximum increase of the cell vitality values). In an equally present research context, it was proven that the role of the ERS direction due to the special ERS coil arrangements directed or trimmed around 90 degrees in two axis ways related to the cell shells extracted a different effectiveness of the ERS (coil), which could be proven as an experimental starting hypothesis. Besides, this ERS coil direction and emitted probable bi-lateral coil field effect on cell culture seem to have a correlation to electro-physical laws like the so called “induction law” or “LENZ rule” regarding magnetic fields itself.