Osteoporotic Features In Rat’s Bone after Exposure to Mixed Field of Electromagnetic Field

Marwa A, Fadel A, Anis B and Monazah K

Published on: 2020-12-20


The aim of the present study is to investigate the biological effect of exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic field (0.5 Gauss), fast neutrons FN (10µSV/h) and a combined field of both for a period of 4 weeks at a rate of 8 h/day, 5 days /week on some of the rat’s bone properties. For this purpose 80 adult male albino rats were divided into four equal groups: group A, (control group), group B (exposed to magnetic field), group C (exposed to FN), group D (exposed to combined field of magnetic field and fast neutron).After each experiment bone samples were subjected to the following study: Evaluation of Cu ,Zn ,Mg ions concentrations using atomic absorption technique, measuring of collagen cross linking and degree of crystallinity using FTIR technique and surface scan of bone using scanning electron microscope .The results indicate a highly significance decrease in collagen-cross linking.