Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in the Women of Developing Countries Cross-sectional Research Study

Ahmed N and Jeffrey FB

Published on: 2019-09-02


The growing trend of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is becoming the foremost cause of mortality in the developing countries. The CVD risk factors are poorly managed and most of the cases are not reported. The aim is to report the prevalence of CVD risk factors in women of developing countries like Pakistan, here a lot of the women are living under extremely poor conditions [1]. And, to evaluate the awareness of CVD risk factors and to determine lifestyles of the common women. Malir district of Karachi was selected, it has a total population of 2008901from which 934491 are female 200 individual female participated in the study, the sample was ≥ 18 years age all-female, information about General demographic, body weight, height, lifestyle, medical and cardiac history was asked [2]. A questionnaire was designed to estimate lifestyles and awareness in face to face interviews. Research data showed the sedentary lifestyle of women, half of the population was overweight, obese and physically inactive. 49% of women were not satisfied with their overall health, 40% of women had a positive family history of raised blood pressure and diabetes. Many were known case of raised blood pressure 37%, diabetes 28%, and other CVD risk factors. 48% of women were under extreme mental stress, 38% were under prolonging medicine therapy out of which only 24% knew their medicine its usage and complication. Education is another problem of this community, 62% of them have no education at all, while 38% had a secondary level of education, 17% had graduate degrees and only 2% were with post-graduate education. Most had no job and 68% were housewives. The attentiveness regarding the consequence of many CVD risk factors and their role in the origin of cardiovascular disease was absent in the community at large. Food and its connection to coronary heart disease showed the majority were unaware.