The Efficacy of a Spring Support, Split-Seat Chair to Enhance Mobility When Sitting

Richard Robertshaw DC

Published on: 2021-05-28


Ergonomic studies usually involve physical support and positioning but also includes ease of utilization at a work station. The effects of long term sitting has been addressed from many different biomechanical philosophies. However, movement and mobility while sitting have not been studied or addressed sufficiently from an anatomical perspective.

It is important to study the effects that immobility has on an individual when seated for long periods of time, as is typical with the hours spent in front of computers. Therefore, a study on the efficacy of a spring supported split-seat was performed to evaluate the benefits of a chair that allows and even enhances mobility compared to a single seat pan. Results of this study reveal a clear difference in the structural movement and the importance of mobility of the body with a spring supported split-seat chair compared to the single seat chair.