The Fundamentals of Cancer Pain Management: A Review of the Association between Pain and Opioids

Fatemeh Arbabi

Published on: 2018-12-28


Despite the undeniable clinical and methodical advancements surrounding the field of cancer research still, the physiology of cancer is not sufficiently understood and the issue of cancer pain continues to be a major health predicament worldwide. Facts of cancer pain are great many and are intricate on many levels. Opioid analgesics continue to be the most effective pharmaceuticals used in the treatment of cancer pain, nevertheless, their role in pain management has been evolving due to emerging awareness of potential risks of chronic opioid therapy. Despite extensive research efforts, no new class of analgesics have been developed. This review article aims to understand the fundamentals of cancer pain management, discuss the continuously progressing role of opioid analgesics, and the reasons for strong association between experience of pain and use of opioids.