A Comprehensive Study on Phased Array Antenna Technologies

Vivek R, Meghana V, Ranjitha S and Preethi H

Published on: 2019-04-20


In this paper, we present the overview of developments in steerable antenna arrays called phased array antennas. Initially Phased array antennas were limited to military applications. In the past few years due to the ever-increasing demand for the larger antenna in civilian applications the phased array antennas become a key research area. There are a wide variety of phased array antennas are available. Its design complexity ranges from small arrays with switchable elements and partially electromechanically steerable antenna arrays to fully electronically steerable antenna arrays. These systems are equipped with amplitude and phase shifters for each element and employs digital beam forming techniques. These steerable antenna arrays are extensively used in satellite tracking, broadcasting, communication, and radar applications. This paper gives an in-depth study about various types of phased array antennas operate at different frequency bands and their design technologies for specific kind of applications.