Examination and Evaluation of ‘Agile Methodologies’ for Systems Development

Gajendra Sharma and Gautam G

Published on: 2019-08-14


There are several methods that are used in system or software development incorporating information technology, among them AGILE is one of the methods which is widely used in recent days. Most of the systems these days are of dynamic in nature that means the software needs time to time update to meet the current market needs. The quality of a system is ensured when it has ideally no bugs, no errors and meets the required specifications; for this also AGILE method plays a significant role. Research and development center in Nepal for Verscend Inc, Waltham, MA, US offers risk-assessment services and decision analytics being based on US health care. Verscend Technologies has 311 members performing different scale of the job to build up a healthcare informatics solution that helps end-user to manage their health risk. Adaptation of AGILE methodology in the Research & Development department of Verscend Information Technology has been evaluated in the research paper. Significance of the methodology has been analyzed through a survey conducted within the organization among the professionals. More of positive aspects observed were; time boxing, flexibility, risk and cost control, simplicity and ease, team strength, individual visibility, and valuable Product and customer satisfaction. Few negative aspects observed were; Unpredictability, lack of cohesion and re-work. These results were perceived regarding the way scrum is implemented in the department. With all of these observations and survey, it has been found that AGILE methodology would catalyze the system development cycle if adapted with perfection.