Field Study of Currents in Noshahr Coast of the South Caspian Sea

Azad MT, Lari K, Emtyazjoo M and Sadeghifar T

Published on: 2023-11-16


In this research, we measured and analyzed current speed and direction at six stations off the Noshahr coast in 2010–11 (winter and summer) for three consecutive days. The data accuracy evaluation was done using data current-meter apparatus software. Then we calculated the statistical indexes related to current data and performed a spectral analysis on the time series. The current speed data spectrum by low passage filter and disruption frequencies of 0.01 and 0.1 1/s for measuring stations were analyzed. Most of the peak frequencies at the studied stations showed that currents are wind-driven on the Noshahr coasts. Based on the results of data measurement and data processing of current speed, it was clear that on the western parts of Noshahr port, turbulence and movement of water are higher than on the eastern coasts. During summer and winter, the highest velocity current in the surface layer of Noshahr coasts for the BehjatAbad coast part station (6th station) was 2.01 and 2.22 m/s, respectively. The lowest velocity current in the surface adjacent layer in summer and winter for the second station (beside Mashlak Bridge) was 0.69 and 0.41 m/s, respectively.