Flow with Buoyancy Ratio in MHD under the Influence of Radiation Absorption and Diffusion-Thermo Effects in a Slip Flow Regime

Sridhar W, Dharmaiah G, Rao DS and Kumar RD

Published on: 2023-11-17


This study focuses on the analysis of magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) buoyancy ratio flow in the presence of radiation absorption and diffusion-thermo effects within a slip flow regime. The governing partial differential equations are solved using a perturbation method. Analytical solutions are obtained for velocity, temperature, and concentration, considering various fluid flow parameters such as Schmidt number (Sc), chemical reaction parameter (Γ), Dufour number (Du), magnetic field parameter (M), radiation absorption parameter (Q1), porous permeability parameter (Φ1), porosity parameter (K), Solutal Grashof number (Gr), and buoyancy ratio parameter (N), which are depicted in figures. The study also presents results for skin friction, Sherwood number, and Nusselt number values, all of which demonstrate good agreement with existing research.