Machine Learning in Agriculture for Crop Diseases Identification: A Survey

Kukadiya H and Meva D

Published on: 2023-04-05


The field of computer science known as machine learning is used to create algorithms that have the ability to self-learn or learn on their own. This is how the phrase "Machine Learning" came to be. Artificial intelligence includes a subfield called machine learning. These days, machine learning and deep learning techniques are frequently used to classify and recognize leaf diseases. Recognizing leaf disease at an early stage is crucial in agricultural fields for all crops. Accurate disease detection at an early stage helps farmers boost production and their economy. The suggested study is a survey of more than 40 research papers that classify and identify plant leaf diseases using various machine learning and deep learning algorithms. It also discusses machine learning, its application to agriculture, as well as its benefits and drawbacks. Develop an automatic disease detection system for leaf disease classification and detection using web-based or mobile-based applications for future work. Using this survey to build a more ac- curate model for leaf disease classification and detection using machine learning with a wide range of datasets. This will be very beneficial for farmers to boost productivity and build their economies.