Spinning Technology in the Physical Design of Music Strings and the Mechanics of Sounds in Balloon Guitars

Elnashar EA

Published on: 2023-05-30


Design strings threads may be "plain", consisting only of a single material, like steel, nylon, or gut, or wound, having a "core" of one material and an over winding of another. This is to make the string vibrate at the desired pitch, while maintaining a low profile and sufficient flexibility for playability. Spinning technology in the physical design of music Design strings threads and the mechanics of sounds in classical guitar and balloon guitars (Oud) guitars as a core-spun yarn containing an ultrafine copper wire for design of music design of strings threads -oriented applications is successfully manufactured using a modified vortex spinning system. The copper wire located in the core region and is tightly wrapped by the helical short-staple fibers of the outer layer in the vortex core-spun yarn. The staple fibers are expected to provide an effective protection to the copper and nylon wire core and to prevent the potential occurrence of short circuits resulting from the contact between the adjacent conductive tracks for design of music design of strings threads-oriented , The friendliness of the interaction between the human and the conductive track is also expected to be improved due to the improved surface structure of design of music design strings threads -oriented , and appearance provided by the short staple fibers. The vortex core-spun yarn containing a copper wire has strength higher by 88.6% and a breaking extension lower by 78.2% compared to the design of music design of strings threads -oriented wire. The strain sensitivity of the vortex core-spun yarn in the workable strain range is not affected by either the design of music Design strings threads-oriented production process