Strategic Response Choice by Firms in Kenya to Changing Remote Environment: A Case of Dominion Firm Kenya Ltd

Obonyo VO and Ogambi F

Published on: 2019-08-14


Organizations seek to survive in a turbulent business environment. This survival is not always guaranteed. How a firm responds to the ever-changing environment determines its survival in the market. The study questioned how Firms in Kenya responds to the external environment of PESTEL which has had an impact on its performance for a while. Political, societal and ecological factors have been the main environmental challenges for the firm over the years. The study found out that for the case of Dominion firm, the firm management has responded to all the environmental changes by compliance with authority demands like the case of NEMA, partnering with other institutions like KAPP and KARI for best practice of agriculture, renovating chief camp in Kadenge area, schools, employing preferably the locals and assisting with venom cure.