Thermal Behavior Characteristics of Vegetable Oil under Various Rotational Speeds

Younus FA, Jabal MH and Ismael SA

Published on: 2023-10-23


Not long ago, research and studies tended towards the possibility of using vegetable and plant oils in engineering and industrial applications and using them as cooling oils because they are a renewable, natural resource and have a high biodegradability compared to commercial mineral oils. In this paper, vegetable oil (sunflower seed oil) is presented as a renewable cooling fluid by assessing the thermal performance of sunflower oil under different conditions. The rotary ball-on-disk machine was used for the 60-minute test, conducted at rotational speeds of 1000, 1200, and 1400 rpm with a fixed average load of 100 N and an ambient temperature of 27 °C. All tests in this work were done according to the American Society for Testing and Materials standard (ASTM-G99). The results exhibited that sunflower seed oil has a lower value of the coefficient of friction, friction force, and flash temperature parameters (0.0122, 1.233, and 32.62, respectively) compared to 0.1381, 1.3935, and 33.2125, respectively, for the commercial mineral oil. It has a high value for the wear scar diameter (438.93 µm compared with 433.6µm for the mineral oil sample). In conclusion, the vegetable sample oil (sunflower seed oil) performs adequately compared to a commercial mineral fluid sample.