Modeling of Compatible Artificial Intelligence (CAI) for Space Research

Sadique S

Published on: 2019-04-20


I coined the term ‘Compatible Artificial Intelligence (CAI) ‘with the future space research needs forecasting and with the next level vision in Artificial Intelligence. CAI modeling suggested through this communication would be one of the effective A.I practice by academicians, practitioners and researchers. The meaning and purpose of term C.A.I is to develop such an advance and Self-instructed design for A.I which has switching ability of A.I according to exist situation of surrounding of Intelligence devices or space robots. Hence, I have engineered one model CAIM- Compatible Artificial Intelligence Model to discuss some interesting concepts with all of you.


Compatible artificial intelligence; Management


I hypotheses the model CAIM and with the aid of this model I would like to explain you that what I intended this kind of future A.I modeling would be very useful for deep space research to explore space, galaxies, stars and other planets (Figure 1).This kind of A.I system would be complicated to engineer but very useful because of having ability to switch intelligence level as per space research requirement, where discussion itself by the space robot with CAI .All the space parameter scanned and calibrated by the sanction and actuation units with robotics automotive, motors for requirement inputs and tasks outputs. These requirement cascaded to the Ultra Artificial Intelligence (UAI) chamber integrated with decision support system (DSS) where task agenda prepared and fed to the decision and adoption intelligence for CAI select and connect on given space requirement mapping to connect either with CAI-1 or CAI-2 or CAI-3 as humanoid intelligence, cyborg/synthetic/biological intelligence or deep mind machine respectively according to deep space research task to explore space, planets and their facts and figures.


I would specially acknowledge this work to my Sister Nurish Qazi who helped me while I am preparing script. I would like to credit this work to my loving wife Safeena Khan, my angels Md. Nameer Shaikh, Md. Shadaan Shaikh and my loving friend Tanveer Sayyed.

Figure 1