Aspects of Diversity in Multiple Comparisons: A Case Study of Selected Hybrid and Local Cows in Gezira State, Sudan (1969-2000)

Bushara MO A and Ibrahim F S

Published on: 2019-11-22


Livestock is an important branch of economic in Sudan. The main objective of this study is to give an overview of post hoc multiple comparisons to discuss the difference between the hybrid and local cows on Calving Interval and Total Milk. Secondary data source of 162 cows collected from ElNishishiba and ElBashair Dairy Farm are used. The study’s results are that: the factors: farm and type of cow have significant effect on tow traits. Parity and interaction between age group*parity have significant effect on Calving Interval but no effects on Total milk. The factor type*age group has significant effect on Total Milk while no effects on Calving Interval. The factors, age group, type*farm, and type*parity have non-significant effect on tow traits. LSD test is the best one to discuss the difference between local and hybrid cows. Kenana and Butana are the same on tow traits. The hybrid 50% cow is differing from Kenana, Butana and hybrid 75% but it same with hybrid 62.5% and hybrid 87.5%, no difference between hybrid 62.5% and hybrid 87.5% on tow traits. Parity seven, eight and nine are same on two traits. This finding supports that to keep the contented of cow’s herd to be between local cow and exotic blood 50% and keep cow until parity six.