Assessment of a Social and Economic System Sustainability on the Basis of Reliability and Elasticity Theory

Litvintseva G and Karpovich A

Published on: 2019-09-29


The source of emergence of sustainability problems related to social and economic systems is in factors of complexity and uncertainty. The presence of sufficient sustainability in the performance of social and economic objects characterizes effectiveness of adaptation mechanisms and their abilities in risks overpassing. In our opinion sustainability assessment is possible on the basis of the theory of reliability and elasticity connected to adaptation potential formation. The article proposes the authorial approach of social and economic systems reliability assessment. The used criteria were following: functional of difference or relation between real and ideal characteristics of system performance quality. To estimate connection between resource perturbations and deviations from program reference points of system development the elasticity functions were elaborated. They are derived by correspondent modification of production functions. Recommendations for ways of perfectioning of mechanisms running programs of social and economic systems development on different levels are proposed.