Assessment on the Role of Technology in Improving Children Learning Capacity in Montessori Schools In Lagos State

Edwin A and Ologeh I

Published on: 2022-09-01


This study discusses a study of technology rich learning approach to promote teaching. Research suggests that technology used inappropriately have a significant effect in teaching and learning. Integrating technology into the classroom is an approach to develop better understanding of basic concepts provided it is applied appropriately. There is a great awareness about technology integration; only few practicing teachers profess to know exactly how to proceed. The fact is that real integration requires change. However, what seems to be lacking is a model that teachers can use to guide students through the necessary changes they will need to make to be successful in integrating new technology into their classroom. The purpose of the study was to assess the difference between children exposed to technological education through Montessori schools and those in traditional schools. It also aims at knowing the cost of Montessori education and how to bring technology into public schools.