Bering/Pacific-Arctic Council (BPAC): Russian-American Ecological and Social-Economic Cooperation at the Junctions of the North Pacific and Arctic Oceans and the Eurasian and North American Continents

Krasnopolski BH

Published on: 2020-02-20


The article is devoted to the problem of studying the feasibility of creating the Russian-American Bering/Pacific-Arctic Council (BPAC) at the junctions of the North Pacific and Arctic oceans and the Eurasian and North American continents. This is a very important problem not only for the region, but also for all the Arctic countries of the world. The establishment of friendly and balanced ties between the largest Arctic countries, Russia and the United States in the Pacific sector of the world Arctic, depends on its solution. This is an essential basis for creating a favorable environment for all countries of the world to use the Northern Sea Route and for the further development of this transport line from Asia to Europe.