Factors that Affect the Quality of Teaching and Learning in Public Schools

Zeleke Worku

Published on: 2019-03-30


The study was conducted in order to assess and evaluate factors that affect the quality of teaching and learning in public schools operating in Tshwane, South Africa. The study was conducted by drawing a stratified random sample of size 147 from educators working in Tshwane North District public schools. Data was collected by using a structured, pretested and validated questionnaire of study. Data analyses were conducted by using methods such as frequency tables, cross-tab analyses and binary logistic regression analysis. Based on the criteria set out by Skarlicky, Kay, Aquino and Fushtey for effective teaching, 81.63% of educators working in Tshwane North District public schools were performing adequately, whereas the remaining 18.37% of educators were not performing adequately [1]. Based on odds ratios estimated from logit analysis, efficiency in school level leadership in Tshwane North Districts was significantly influenced by a clear understanding of job description, the availability of helpful teaching materials and resources, and punctuality at work, in a decreasing order of strength.