Gild the Lily: Over Service Perceptions of Hotel Front Desks

Lou-Hon Sun and Chia-Yun Tsai

Published on: 2020-04-29


Providing necessary services to customers is occasionally more appropriate than providing services that exceed customer expectations. This is because over-service may cause negative customer perceptions. In this study, customer feedback toward over-service experiences related to each attribute in the Kano model was examined by the in-depth interviews. The results showed that over-service experiences cannot be detected by using the traditional Kano instrument. Furthermore, when zone of tolerance (ZOT) theory was applied to analyze the shift in opinions, gradual and direct perceptual shifts were observed due to singular and multiple over-service incidents in one hotel stay. This also showed that the ZOT theory does not cover the content of over-service. Hence, for deploying the Kano model and ZOT theory to analyze customer feedback, the aspect of over-service has become indispensable.