Global Trade Multilateralism and Role of UNGA in Voting System and Sustainable Development Goals

Sarangi U

Published on: 2019-04-30


The research paper studies the global trade, multilateralism, voting system and the role of UNGA in promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Global trade has direct impact on multilateralism which affects the growth and development of RTAs which are considered as the vital components and ingredients of international trading system. It is observed that the RTAs work not only in increasing trade flows, but also in improving the macro parameters such as world economic, social, environmental and cultural systems. RTAs also help in promoting not only the world economic policies, but also the world foreign policies which have direct repercussions on the world trade and political systems. Enhancement in international trade increases the scope of development of the world political and social systems, which in turn help in attaining global peace through inclusive societies, thereby leading to achieving the SDGs slated by UN. The paper also studies the international trade prospects, linkages between economic and foreign policies, role of UNGA and the UN Voting system and the focus areas of UNGA for promoting multilateralism and SDGs, politics of trade cooperation, e-commerce and international trade, LDCs and their Export Challenges, pacific island economies and new economic building linkages and role of UNCTAD in this direction, trade deals and the voting similarity index, multiplicity of RTAs which promote economic and foreign policies, politics of political systems etc.,