Growth and Productivity of Food Processing Industries in Punjab – An Empirical Analysis

Rohin Malhotra

Published on: 2019-03-30


One of the important factors in the success or otherwise of a process of starting a new business and helping the entrepreneur to identify business opportunities is social capital. However, the importance of social capital as a catalyst for the recognition of entrepreneurial opportunities has been little studied. Given this importance, it is certainly possible to question the impact of social capital on the recognition of new entrepreneurial opportunities. To answer the various questions raised, a questionnaire-led and administered interview was conducted with 50 entrepreneurs. For data analysis, different statistical methods were used. First, in order to describe the characteristics of the entrepreneurs and companies studied, we use descriptive statistics. Then, we proceeded to the purification of the measurements by using the method of exploratory factorial analysis. Finally, a passage to the selection of the most revealing variables between the groups was made using the discriminant analysis method.